Jagran / Chowki

A chance of conducting Mata's Jagran/Chowki is very auspicious for all the devotees of Maa, but sometimes we are not capable enough to conduct the auspicious affair on our own.

This platform will help you to connect with those who want to conduct Mata's Jagran/ Chowki as passion / kripa (free of cost).

People Looking For Free Jagran/Chowki

Name Contact No. City Jagran/Chowki Month
Suresh Kumaar 8527458950 Delhi chowki October 2018

People / Mandli Providing Free Jagran / Chowki Sewa

Name Contact No. City Jagran / Chowki
Phoolon Wali Mandali 9810575576 Delhi chowki


If you have any question regarding our club, you can send us your message by fill up the forms. We will be very happy to hear from you.

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